Author Elizabeth Wetmore Visits Senn


By: Lesly Fernandez and Colin Clark (Senn Seniors)

On April 28th Senn’s Journalism program got a visit from the acclaimed author of the bestselling book “Valentine” Elizabeth Wetmore. 

The Senn TV seniors got a chance to interview Wetmore about her backstory and experience as an author. Wetmore gave details of her inspiration to write her novel “Valentine” and shared advice to the seniors for their upcoming storytelling event. 

While speaking about her experience as a writer, Wetmore mentioned how she feels that she got lucky when she published Valentine, due to its quick success. She also mentioned some of the worst advice she had gotten as a writer which was that to be a writer you must write every day.

Contrary to the advice she was given Wetmore provided the seniors with top-notch insight, including her mention of the importance of revision and advising them to “Always think of yourself as being a member of a vast kind of timeless community but be doggedly independent.”

Elizabeth Wetmore truly gave some of the most thoughtful advice when it came to writing and inspired the seniors of Senn TV.


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