Should Students Be Able To Grade Their Teachers?


By: Ramiyah Lee (Senn Sophomore)

Teachers and students at Senn have been asked if students should be able to grade their teachers.

Jennifer Clay-Akapo, Chemistry teacher, said, “I think good teachers are always looking for feedback about their practice, and they would like to know how their content lands with students.” 

She goes on to explain how a grading system would be implemented.

“I think if there were a select group of students within a class, or if you had a group of students that are, you know, not in your class at that moment, but are coming to watch you, as you teach, you could work that way,” said Clay. “So you either have students in your class, reflect after you teach or have students come watch me teach.”

Another student agrees with the idea of students grading teachers.

“Yes because it would provide the teachers better ways and better insights on how they can teach the students and it’ll let them know which lesson plans are working and which are not,” said Haris Tekesic, sophomore.

Tekesic shared his idea on implementing a grading system for teachers.

“I feel that a quarterly system that could let students voice their concerns about their teachers would work best, maybe a form or a survey,” he said.

Another student does not think students should be able to grade their teachers.

Jeremiah Wilkin, sophomore said, “I don’t think collectively, students should be able to grade their teachers because a lot of students like going into their opinions,” he said. “They have a lot of bias grading teachers.”

Wilkin still shared an alternative idea for a grading system that was similar to Clay’s idea.

“I think if there were a select few students that were certified or something to grade teachers as a whole, based on a criteria, maybe that would be like a good thing to put in place,” said Wilkin. “But students as a whole, I feel like they should not be able to grade their teachers.”

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