Loyola donates news anchor desk to Senn


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When Loyola’s School of Communication decided to install a new anchor desk in its TV studio, the first challenge was finding the best use for the old anchor desk.

Fortunately, the old desk is being put to good use at Senn High School in Chicago, where journalism students are using it for their broadcast reporting and newscasting classes.

The School of Communication donated the anchor desk to Senn as part of its ongoing relationship with the high school.

“The SOC has loved that broadcast news desk, but now we need one with more flexibility (and wheels). We are delighted that Senn will carry on the Rambler news tradition in style,” said SOC Interim Dean Elizabeth Coffman.

But moving the anchor desk to Senn proved easier said than done, considering that the old anchor desk is 15-feet-long and cumbersome to move. That challenge was solved by locally-based Hallett Movers. Carpenters arrived early one morning to adeptly dissemble the desk, and a moving team delivered it to Senn, where it was reassembled the same morning. By noon, the Senn students, and their Bulldog mascot, were posing for pictures with the desk.

“I’m so grateful to Loyola for making this happen,” said Michael Cullinane, Lead Journalism Teacher at Senn. “We’ve gone on several field trips to Loyola and had the students sit at the desk, and I’ve always loved the professionalism it offered. Now, it’s fitting in beautifully in our studio. The students are thrilled and are more enthusiastic than ever to be anchors.” 

The students were also thrilled with the anchor desk.

“I really like the new desk. It’s an amazing gift from Loyola,” said Senn junior Eldin Mujkanovic. “It gives us more opportunity to look professional.”  

Senn Senior Zoey Davis agreed. “The new desk is a great addition to Senn TV because it will offer us more space. This one brings color, and it looks like a real news desk, and we’ll probably be taken more seriously,” she said.

The students are part of Senn’s Digital Journalism program, a three-year International Baccalaureate curriculum designed to teach skills in reporting, writing and producing stories through digital technology.   

Loyola’s School of Communication has been partnering with Senn for more than a decade. School of Communication faculty and students regularly meet with teachers and students at Senn, helping with curriculum development, classroom instruction and equipment and technological support.

Over the years, Loyola’s SOC has used grant money and its own funds to outfit Senn students technology such as video cameras, microphones and other audio equipment, a Teleprompter, and most recently, the anchor desk.

Senn students produce a weekly television news show titled, Senn TV. The donated anchor desk will be put to good use on the program, Cullinane said.

“Senn TV is presently in Season 9 and is going to be better than ever,” Cullinane said. “We’re so grateful to Loyola for further bringing life to our scrappy program.”  

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