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Hadden Won’t Endorse in Mayoral Race

Soon-to-be alderman Maria Hadden said she plans to represent all residents of the 49th Ward, which is why she won’t endorse either Toni Preckwinkle or Lori Lightfoot for mayor.

Hadden, in a lengthy interview with Block Club Chicago, said giving a mayoral candidate an endorsement could alienate some Rogers Park residents, since the ward is divided between Preckwinkle and Lightfoot.

“The people in the ward just elected me,” Hadden said in the interview.“People here are pretty divided [between Lightfoot and Preckwinkle] and I don’t think it would be wise or responsible of me as a representative of the ward to put a voice on that. Not to mention, I promised to be an independent alderman.”

Lightfoot won the 49th ward in the Feb. 26 election. She received 3.328 votes (26.7%) to Preckwinkle’s 2,918 (23.49%).

You can read the full interview on Block Club Chicago’s here.

Abduction and Assault in Rogers Park

Chicago police issued a Community Alert after a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted near the 6600 block of N. Clark Wednesday evening.

According to police, the 31-year-old woman was walking southbound on Clark from North Shore Ave. when the male offender “approached her from behind, grabbed her and put his hand over her face, covering her nose and mouth.”

Police said the offender’s hand “was wet and smelled similar to alcohol,” and that the offender “pulled the woman backwards and she lost consciousness.” The alert said the victim “awoke later in an unknown building, after being sexually assaulted,” and that the “offender fled in an unknown direction.

Police did not have a detailed description of the offender.

Anyone who might have information is urged to call 24th District detectives at 312-744-8261.



Howard Street Brewing to Open in May

Howard Street Brewing Company will open in May, just east of the El stop in the old Howard Theatre Building. Owner Chuck Patella said he’s been brewing his own beer for years, and finally decided to “go public” with his passion.

“I’ve been making beer for about 10 years now – nothing professional, just in my house,” Patella said. “… It sorta got to the point where I was just making it so much that it was going pretty quickly that I decided that it was probably time to start doing something professionally.”

Don’t look for televisions all over the place, or live bands. Patella, 40, said the business will be all about beer, and the creative process that goes into it.

“We want this to be a place that inspires ideas and we think the best way to do that is to not have a lot of outside distractions,” he said. “We’re not going to have TV’s we’re not going to have live bands, it’s really just going to be the brew.”

Patella’s wife works next door at the Factory Theatre, which is what lead him to choose the location.

He also likes the fact that Rogers Park is “a really diverse neighborhood with a lot of history there. We wanted to do something that sort of celebrates Howard Street and the history that it’s had there.”

One feature of the business will be a program called “Design. Brew. Wed.” which will allow people to help design the beer for their own wedding.

“I think what we’re trying to do is explore all different kinds of beer styles right, like we don’t want to be pigeon holed into an IPA, or just sours,” he said.

Moore Offers Cogratulations to Hadden; Thanks to Rogers Park

Outgoing Ald. Joe Moore congratulated Maria Hadden on her victory earlier this week, and pledged to work “to ensure a smooth transition.”

“I wish her all the best in her new position. Alderman of the 49th Ward is one of the most demanding, and yet most fulfilling jobs one could ever ask for,” Moore said in a statement on his website. “I will continue to serve as your alderman until Monday, May 20th, when Maria and her 49 colleagues will be sworn into office. Until then, please feel free to call my office for any city service request or other assistance you may need. My staff and I stand ready to serve you,” Moore said.

He added that he will have “some closing thoughts” when his term ends, “but in the meantime, I would like to thank the residents of the 49th Ward for the privilege of representing them for the last 28 years.”


Hadden Sweep Was Across the Ward

By Basma Zahid and Elvir Mujkanovich

Maria Hadden’s election night shocker over Ald. Joe Moore in the 49th Ward was decisive, with a margin of more than 3,200 votes.

On closer inspection, however, it was … even more lopsided.

Hadden won 32 of 33 precincts, losing only the 21st, which sits in the far Northwest Corner of Rogers Park, west of Ridge and North of Jarvis.

Hadden rolled up two-to-one margins eight precincts, with her largest margin in the 28th, where she tallied 394 votes to Moore’s 108. The 28th precinct is in the south part of the ward, around Pratt and Clark.

Here are the results by precinct:

Registered Ballots Cast Turnout % JOE MOORE MARIA HADDEN
Precinct 1 741 203 27.4 87 112
Precinct 2 545 235 43.12 62 168
Precinct 3 965 413 42.8 109 297
Precinct 4 1065 436 40.94 113 322
Precinct 5 959 421 43.9 177 236
Precinct 6 747 324 43.37 147 173
Precinct 7 760 320 42.11 122 195
Precinct 8 746 294 39.41 141 147
Precinct 9 877 379 43.22 129 242
Precinct 10 859 387 45.05 112 273
Precinct 11 991 433 43.69 151 276
Precinct 12 1023 462 45.16 129 330
Precinct 13 933 405 43.41 148 250
Precinct 14 748 338 45.19 150 182
Precinct 15 705 225 31.91 104 119
Precinct 16 863 291 33.72 137 149
Precinct 17 682 249 36.51 95 149
Precinct 18 1015 477 47 125 351
Precinct 19 877 276 31.47 118 155
Precinct 20 1115 555 49.78 148 402
Precinct 21 607 202 33.28 131 68
Precinct 22 965 353 36.58 153 191
Precinct 23 1064 456 42.86 122 326
Precinct 24 815 269 33.01 122 142
Precinct 25 1049 477 45.47 158 314
Precinct 26 959 419 43.69 136 275
Precinct 27 990 367 37.07 151 212
Precinct 28 1099 508 46.22 108 394
Precinct 29 992 443 44.66 143 295
Precinct 30 995 399 40.1 166 228
Precinct 31 708 290 40.96 134 145
Precinct 32 917 343 37.4 126 210
Precinct 33 784 312 39.8 135 173
Total 29160 11961 41.02 4289 7501

Hadden Romps; Osterman Rolls

Challenger Maria Hadden scored a stunning and overwhelming upset in Rogers Park Tuesday, ousting 28-year incumbent Ald. Joe Moore in the 49th Ward.

Harry Osterman, meanwhile, cruised to an easy victory over David Earl Williams III.

Hadden, running an energized, well-organized campaign against Moore, won by more than 3,000 votes – 7,191 to Moore’s 4,032.

Osterman, meanwhile, won easily over Williams, collecting 11,607 votes to the challenger’s 4,032.

In the Chicago mayoral race, both Rogers Park and Edgewater gave the edge to Lori Lightfoot, who also won citywide. Both neighborhoods also placed Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle second.

In Rogers Park, the mayoral race results were as follows: Lightfoot, 2,529; Preckwinkle, 2.224; Amara Enyia, 1.315; William Daley, 828; Susana Mendoza, 785; Paul Vallas, 359; Gary Chico, 338; Willie Wilson, 322; Jerry Joyce, 268; Garry McCarthy, 139; Bob Fioretti, 59; La Shawn Ford, 58; Neal Sales-Griffen, 28; Kozlar, 25.

In Edgewater, the mayoral results were as follows: Lightfoot, 4,529; Preckwinkle, 2,723; Daley, 1,665; Enyia, 1,349; Mendoza, 917; Vallas, 611; Joyce, 560; Chico, 522; Wilson, 373; McCarthy, 275; Fioretti, 74; Ford, 65; Kozlar, 49; Sales-Griffen, 30.

Here is coverage of the race from Block Club Chicago.

Here are results from the Chicago Tribune, including an excellent ward-by-ward map showing results in the mayor’s race.

Here is coverage in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Here is a nice story in the Loyola Phoenix.

WBEZ Report: Moore Attendance 51% for City Council Meetings

Ald. Joe Moore (49th) had a 51% attendance rate between 2015 and the end of last year, according to a report by WBEZ Chicago. This was below the average attendance of 65% for all aldermen.

Read the full report here.

In the story, Moore said he mostly missed meetings about issues specific to other wards.

“My top priority is serving my constituents. And sitting Downtown in a committee meeting on a bunch of ward-specific matters that have nothing to do with my ward — I don’t think is the best use of my time,” Moore said, according to the story.

New Vending Machine Options Coming to CTA Red Line

Red Line riders will get a variety of new vending machine options, thanks to a new pilot program announced by the Chicago Transit Authority Tuesday.

Portable charging, fresh organic food, and a photo booth will be among the options installed this Spring along the Red Line and at other stops.

“It has been my goal since day one to further enhance the transit rider experience and these pilots keep CTA on the cutting-edge of offering transit riders unique and practical services as part of any trip on our system,” said CTA President Carter

MobileQubes vending machines will dispense battery charging packs for iPhones and other mobile devices, either for sale or for rent. Rentals will charge a one-time $4.99 fee. with a 99-cent perday charge after that. The machines will be installed at 26 CTA stations, mostly along the Red Line.

Farmer’s Fridge is a Chicago-based healthy food startup. It offers fresh, ready-to-eat snacks and meals. Four of their machines will be installed, including at the Grand and Fullerton stops on the Red Line. Other machines will be at Indiana on the Green Line, and Damen on the Pink Line.

Another new vending machine will be a DNP Photo Booth at the Chicago station on the Red Line. It will dispense photos that could be used for recreational, travel, and business uses, including passport and ID photos. 

All three vendors will cover the costs of installation and upkeep, according to a statement from the CTA.

Free Workshop for Pop-Up Business Licenses

If you are a small business thinking you might want to open a pop-up shop, the City of Chicago will hold a workshop on the licensing process Wednesday, Feb. 13. at 1227 W Devon Ave.

As a retail user, you can receive a license for between five days and one year at a cost of $25 – $150. This license allows you to pop up at various indoor or outdoor locations throughout the City to sell your goods or services, according to the Rogers Park Business Alliance.

As a food establishment, you have the option of applying for a license for between five and 90 days at a cost of $50 – $150. This will allow you to serve your food at locations throughout the City.The new licensing system is expected to make it easier to open a pop-up shop of your choosing.

The “pop up workshop” is free of charge, and will run from 3 to 4:30 p.m.. For more information or RSVP for the event, click here

Temperature Rises in 49th Aldermanic Race

The gloves are off in 49th Ward, with incumbent Ald. Joe Moore releasing a video accusing challenger Maria Hadden of having “dangerous” ideas, and Hadden firing back that he is “twisting” her positions.

Moore’s video starts with a reference to two unsolved murders in Rogers Park last year, which police believe were random, but carried out by the same person.

“What’s Maria Hadden’s response,” the voice over in the video asks. “She supports moving police from Rogers Park to other neighborhoods, meaning fewer patrols and less detectives. Hadden’s ideas are dangerous.”

Hadden, meanwhile says Moore “is misrepresenting my position.”

“I am disappointed that (Moore) has decided to employ manipulative tactics meant to confuse voters rather than engaging in a truthful conversation,” Hadden said in a statement. “Our community is still reeling from the losses we suffered last year and I think it’s out of touch and embarrassing for a 28-year incumbent to resort to fear-mongering and the twisting of information to try to attack a political opponent.”

The conflicting portrayals appear to stem from Hadden’s position supporting a plan for reallocating Chicago Police resources from low-crime neighborhoods to high-crime neighborhoods. Rogers Park is a relatively low-crime neighborhood. But, Hadden said such a plan would not have hampered the investigation into the Rogers Park killings referenced in the Moore video.

“A perfect example of allocating resources to the areas of highest need is the increase in detectives we received after the serial shooting murders,” Hadden said in her statement. “We live in a city with finite resources and crime does not abide by ward boundaries and political borders. Public safety resources are allocated by need using data from reported crime statistics and 911 calls. That’s the way it should be.”

Moore, however, said, in a recent candidate forum, he does not support this plan. His video said he “added officers, and gave them the tools to do their jobs and make them accountable.”

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