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The RogersEdge Reporter is a hyper-local news website covering events and issues for the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods of Chicago. We deliver multimedia stories about entertainment, education, politics, crime, sports and dining. The content on this site is produced by journalism students at Loyola University Chicago, as well as students at Nicholas Senn High School.

Backed by a grant from the Robert R. McMormick Foundation, the two schools partnered to help foster understanding and communication between their students. Although these aspiring journalists attend schools just a few miles apart, their worlds are quite different. Within the protective boundaries of their campus, students at Loyola University Chicago are largely sheltered from the realities of their neighborhood, such as economic hardship, gun violence, gangs, drugs, and homelessness.

​​A few blocks away, students at Nicholas Senn High School directly confront these same issues each day, whether inside their households or on their way to school. While Loyola and Senn students are dealing with different realities, they share a need to analyze the world around them. Four afternoons each week, students from both schools meet in a storefront near the Loyola campus to find and report stories.

Meet the Team!

Michael Cullinane

Bureau Chief

Michael Cullinane is a 21-year veteran teacher, having spent his last 8 years at Senn High School, leading the Digital Journalism Program. Before settling down with his wife (and now two children), Michael loved travel, and even spent time teaching English in Strasbourg, France and Odate, Japan. Now, he feels happiest reading lots of books, writing fiction, and listening to weird records from his extensive collection.

Anna Kordek

Bureau Chief

Jordan Johnson

Assistant Editor

Jordan Johnson is a Resource Coordinator at Loyola University Chicago serving at Sullivan HS through a 21st Century Community Schools Grant. He also spends his time doing freelance video and photography. Also he likes producing music with his group Sound of Mind, storytelling through his YouTube Channel - Good Stories: The Video Series and he hosts a podcast with his brother - Just A Black Podcast. Jordan loves his family, music, scriptwriting and traveling.

Erin Adams


Isabella Chamberland


Isabella Chamberland is a senior at Senn High School, who has been in the Senn Arts Music program for 4 years. She loves to write, listen to music, and create art. She chose to work at Rogers Edge Reporter because she has a deep passion for writing and engaging within her community. In the future, she hopes to be a music journalist.

DaShanae Dyson Underwood


Lesly Fernandez


Lesly Fernandez is a junior at Senn High School. She loves music and food. She chose to work for RogersEdge Reporter because it involved an interest she discovered after being in her media literacy class. In the future she hopes to travel and experience things she has never experienced before.

Hajir Hasan


Hajir Hasan is a freshman at Sullivan high school. She loves math and biology. Even though she’s doing journalism, in the future, she would like to pursue in the medical field.

Favour Mamudu


Favour Mamudu is a junior at Sullivan High School. This is her first year working for RogersEdge Reporter. Favour loves to read and listen to music. She loves anything relating to art or poetry. She chose to work for RogersEdge Reporter because she felt like this was a great opportunity for her to express how she felt about certain things and also bring awareness to a lot of things through journalism. Favour feels like writing is like outsourcing your emotions, it's a way for you to freely express your mind. In the future he/she hopes to improve on her writing skills and maybe one day she will be able to write a fine piece of art.

Arfat Muhammad


Arfat Muhammad is a Junior at Senn High School who has been in the Rogers Edge program for 2 years. He loves to write articles and take interviews. He chose to work for RogersEdge Reporter because he loves this program and gets new experience on his daily work. In the future he hopes to pursue a career with journalism.

Olamide Olaleye


Olamide Olaleye is a junior at Sullivan High School. She loves reading and learning new things. The RogersEdge Reporter is her first experience in journalism and she is really liking it. She began journalism in the winter of 2021 and plans to continue in the future. In her free time, She loves listening to music and watching movies. Fun fact about her, she loves listening to Korean-pop. She chose to work for RogersEdge Reporter because she loves to explore the world of journalism. In the future, she hopes to be a psychiatrist and she hopes to learn more about communication skills to help her in the future.

Chiamaka Orogbu


Chiamaka Orogbu is a student at Sullivan High School. She loves hanging out with friends and family, and creating different things. She chose to work at RogersEdge Reporter because it would be a different and hopefully fun experience. In the future she hopes to be a strong and successful businesswoman with her own company. Hopefully from there she’ll change the world for the better.

Duaa Raheel


Duaa Raheel is a Student at Senn High School, (who has been in the IB program for 2 years.) she loves painting. She chose to work for RogersEdge Reporter because she loves creative writing and hopes to minor in a journalism program in the future. She hopes to travel the world.

KeJuan Redd


KeJuan Redd is a Sullivan Senior who loves to play sports and make music. He chose to work with RogersEdge Reporter because he wants to report on the musical industry and the way sports were impacted during this tragic pandemic. In the future he hopes to get a degree in criminology and musical arts.

Eiman Shahzad


Eiman Shahzad is a freshman at Sullivan High School. She loves to listen to music and watch movies. Her favorite genres are action, supernatural and comedy. In the future she hopes to pursue her own business or do something in the medical field.

Feyiteniola Falodun


Feyiteniola Falodun is a Senn sophomore who enjoys her time writing for RogersEdge. She loves reading books and watching Grey's Anatomy. She looks forward to RogersEdge being a huge help to her future career path, where she hopes to report on important global events.

Kimberly Valle


Kimberly is a student at Sullivan High School, who has been interested in journalism for four years. She enjoys spending time with her family and photography. She chose to work for RogersEdge Reporter because it gives her a chance to express herself in her writing. In the future she hopes to be involved in the medical field.

Safa Yahya


Safa Yahya is a first year at Senn High School, and her first year in RogersEdge Reporter. She loves sports. She chose to work for RogersEdge Reporter because she wanted to try something new and challenging . In the future she hopes to become something that brings her joy.

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