Sullivan Students Thoughts on Trending Will Smith Memes


By: Destiny Paramore (Sullivan Freshman)

On Sunday, March 27 an incident took place at the Oscars between two of America’s favorite comedians and actors. 

While hosting the show, comedian Chris Rock made a joke comparing Jada Pinkett Smith’s haircut to that of G.I Jane – a movie character who famously shaves her head during her enlistment. Following the joke, Will Smith approached Rock on the stage and slapped him before cursing him out from his front row seat.

While the joke was about the resemblance between actor Pinkett Smith and character Jordan O’Neil some fans believe the joke was deeper than hair- alluding that Rock was making light of Pickett Smith’s alopecia diagnosis. Following the awards, Rock said he didn’t know about the diagnosis.

In under 24 hours memes were spread across the internet. This has caused a big impact on social media. 

Sullivan students shared some of their opinions about the incident.

“I personally think she deserved it, she embarrassed him (Will) publicly and humiliated him. If I was Will I´d let him talk about my wife however bad he wanted to,” Karen Patino, a first-year student at Sullivan said.

Patino wasn’t the only person that felt this way. 

“I think it was wrong of Will Smith to do that because Chris Rock is a comedian and sometimes comedians take jabs at people,” Camilo Mitchell, Sullivan Freshman, said. “He could have talked to him without touching him because now he could be arrested for assault.” 

While some believe the situation could have been handled more respectfully and professionally, others said Smith was right to defend his wife.

Rock dismissed LAPD’s offer to file a report against Smith. Rock still has up to 6 months to file a report before the offer is up.

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