RogersEdge Reporter Wraps Up Another School Year


By: Ramiyah Lee (Senn Sophomore)

As Journalism club comes to an end for the school year, students at Senn and bureau chief reflect on their work these past two semesters.

RogersEdge Reporter at Senn wasn’t always what it is today. The after school club was held on Zoom with Sullivan High School who’s also a part of RogersEdge Reporter.

“This year, there’s just been so much improvement. I feel like a lot of students have been able to take charge of certain areas,” said Michael Cullinane, 45, Bureau Chief.

Students have visited storefronts in Rogers Park and Edgewater, gone to school sporting events and in school functions to find topics to write about.

“Some students really never could come up with an idea. Now they are able to,” said Cullinane.

Cullinane teaches Media Literacy and two Broadcast Journalism courses to Senn students.

“ I really feel like I’m teaching at a higher level and able to help students at a higher level, which is cool,” he said.

RogersEdge Reporter gave students opportunities to make memories with friends and try new things.

“I would definitely try to be less shy when it came to interviewing people, and to also be more charismatic. I feel like a lot of times I made the interview awkward,” said Ta’Kirah King, first year.

King joined the journalism club in the second semester. She took on topics mainly centered around Senn’s school functions.

“My favorite part about journalism club was going out to new places with my friends to get interviews,” said King.

Journalism club has come a long way since the beginning of the year and will continue to grow in the years to come.


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