Coffee Shop Vibe is Kosher at Bond

Photo by Marcos Sandoval

Bond Coffee Collective, a newly opened cafe in West Rogers Park, aims to bring the neighborhood’s  Jewish community together by having a menu filled with delicious kosher items. 

The cafe, opened July 25 at 7555 N. California Ave., takes its name from a desire to be a bond for the neighborhood, cafe owner Max Dayan said.

“I live in the area, and there was not really an option that was not something like Starbucks, which is not such an enjoyable experience for a lot of people,” Dayan, 31, said. “For a long time, I kept thinking, ‘How is this not a thing over here?’ ‘Why doesn’t it exist?’”

The cafe has a hip vibe, with industrial light fixtures illuminating exposed brick, and uniquely crafted pottery on the shelves. 

On a recent visit, patrons sat working on laptops, chatting with acquaintances and sipping artisanal, coffee. The menu features healthy, kosher items, including hummus, roasted vegetable toast, sweet matcha oatmeal, and a bagel-and-lox platter.  

Patrons enjoy the atmosphere at Bond Coffee Collective. Photo by Marcos Sandoval

Ronit Sturmwind was visiting the cafe recently. She said the cafe fills a need in the neighborhood, which has a large number of people who observe a kosher diet.

“They’re serving a community that’s under-served,” Ronit Sturmwind said. 

The coffee shop has a pay phone in a phone booth, bringing old fashioned vibes and creating a nostalgic environment. It also includes a small fireplace, an outdoor seating area for customers to enjoy their coffee in good weather and a small area for children to play in, which even includes a life-size game of Connect 4.

Bond Coffee Collective is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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