Lolla Lost and Found List is Varied


About 400,000 people turned out for Lollapalooza. So things were bound to get lost.

Whether searching for one left airpod, 35 bags or backpacks, 71 mobile devices, or any of hundreds of missing wallets, fumbling festival goers are encouraged to peruse a virtual lost and found.

We thought we’d share a few of the weirder things we spotted

1.The Juul electronic cigarette device (which, interestingly, is on the list of items barred from the festival grounds.)

2. One left airpod

3. One pineapple umbrella 

4. A poster that says “Don’t steal or ur a poopyhead”

5. The lid of a coffee thermos

6. A prescription pill bottle

7. Peppa pig sunglasses

8. A phone case with a young Leonardo Dicaprio pop socket

9. A Camelback water insert

10. More than 400 identification cards (no estimate on how many are real.)


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