An hour on Glenwood Avenue


By Justin Cabrera

Chicago has two seasons – winter season and construction season. While it isn’t easy to rebuild or construct a neighborhood, it’s harder to rebuild people.

These artists attempted just that with this Mile of Murals street art, brought to life through unique colors.

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The heart within you is the soul of the city. They can tear down a park and they can tear down a building. But they can’t strike the heart.
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No matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation. We are the people. Be for the people.
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Showing support is as easy as walking one block. Show the support and we shall walk for miles.
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You don’t know where you’re going, until you already know where you been.
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Just take a chance. Try something new. Express you mind, body, and soul. Just dance.
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We stand together. Through struggles of youth, manhood, womanhood, and old age. Through struggles of poverty, health, and wealth. If one struggles, we all struggle.

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