Staying safe during festival season


With festival season coming up it’s important that Chicagoans take precautions to stay safe during the summer fun. 

Music festivals attract tourists to Chicago, and while more people can mean more fun, large crowds and festivals can lead to safety issues.

Last year during Lollapalooza, Chicago’s biggest music festival, there were several incidents – including a man falling on the CTA train tracks.

Hopefully, this year there will be no major incidents. We wrote 5 tips below to help you stay safe during festival season.


1Stay Hydrated

Make sure you’re drinking enough water while you’re out during the hot summer day. Not only will you be walking a lot during the festival, but dancing and jumping are also going to quickly dehydrate you. Try drinks that replenish electrolytes like Gatorade or Vitamin Water to keep you from feeling dizzy or faint while having fun.

2Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen can feel icky and sticky – but no one wants to risk getting skin cancer. There’s little protection from the sun when you’re out at a music festival, so make sure to pack a high SPF sunscreen and a hat for some extra shade. Getting sunburned just once every two years can triple your risk of melanoma skin cancer.

3Go with Friends

Having a buddy is important so you can make sure someone is accountable for you if anything goes wrong. If you start to feel faint, dehydrated, or someone is bothering you, being in a group or with a friend can help keep you safe. You can even write down an emergency contact on your wristband

4Carry Cash

While carrying cash may be a hassle, you never know when you’ll be in a pinch and won’t be able to use a credit card. Having some spare change on you could be vital if the festival you go to ends up not being very credit card friendly.

5Drink Responsibly

if you’re over 21 and choose to drink, make sure you pace yourself. Don’t mix alcohol with medications or drugs, and try to keep a ratio of 1-2 glasses of water for every alcoholic beverage.


Don’t forget to have fun, after all, that’s what festival season is all about!

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