Senn Enjoys a Necessary Spring Break


By: Khadijatou Sonha (Senn First Year) 

Senn’s Spring Break ran from April 8 through April 15, allowing Senn students a break from a stressful school year and hopefully a week of fun.

A few Senn students shared their Spring Break plans. Let’s hope they got to do all this and more!

Mikey Tatum: I’m going out with a lot of friends. I’m going to go hang out with my friend Min. I might go to Vegas with my uncle, and then I have a date. I’m probably going to do a little studying because I might go abroad for fall. I’m most excited about seeing my friend Min.

Eddie Reyes-Kaiser: What I’m doing this spring break is going to Ozarks with my friends. It’s a 10-hour car ride. We’re going to go hiking, watch movies, and make pillow forts. I’m so excited because my friend might bring his PS4 but we’re gonna go hiking, and I’m so excited for that. 

Janet: I’m planning on going to a museum, and I’m going for a boat tour downtown with my JROTC classmates. I’m excited about the weather getting warmer.

Crystal: So, this spring break, I’m planning to go to the trampoline park with my friends to sleep in. I’m excited to sleep and hang out with friends.

Sierra: I’m planning to work on myself and go out, spending time with friends and family. And then we’re gonna plan for my mom’s boyfriend’s birthday surprise. He’s gonna be shocked because my mom invited like 100 people.”

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