Creative Neighbors Came Through to Save Halloween


By Duaa Raheel

COVID has taken the fun out of a lot of things, and we though Halloween would be no different. But the creativity of the people in our neighborhood saved this ghoulish holiday.

I went around to Rogers and  Edgewater and to see for myself how all the streets were bustling with trick or treaters, and how they all managed to be safe. I dressed as a witch and, to my surprise, the streets were filled with kids and teenagers all trick or treating!

I went to the first house, and as I walked there I noticed that the house had tape by their stairway. I assumed they had retired for the night. But as I got closer I saw a note that said “cautious candy slide.” And a candy slide it was! This family had built a candy shoot that brought candies to the trick or treaters without having to personally hand them out or get near them. It was a safe and socially distant idea, props to this house for creativity!

To the next house, I went, and while going there I saw another house that had a similar contraption, which they called a candy dispenser. It was a long pipe that shot candy from their patio, about eight feet away. I found these sorts of contraptions to be super spooktacular and really creative.

Some houses decorated their candy shoots with tapes that correlated with the Halloween color palette, while others decked them out out more elaborately to match the spooky season. By that I mean they added props onto their shoots, such as a mummy on top of it, or a Frankenstein’s hand.

Overall it was wonderful to see the kids’ reaction when the candy came out of the shoot they were filled with delight!


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