Robert J. Herguth, Veteran Chicago Newsman and Edgewater Native, Dead at 93


Robert J. Herguth, a veteran Chicago Sun-Times and Daily News reporter known for his gentle humor, masterful writing style and a personality that put interview subjects at ease, has died at age 93.

Herguth grew up in Edgewater. His son, Sun-Times reporter Robert C. Herguth, is the faculty advisor to the Loyola Phoenix, Loyola University’s student newspaper.

“During nearly half a century of writing feature stories and columns, Mr. Herguth did stories on a parade of humanity — and a few animals, too,” according to Herguth’s obituary in the Sun-Times. “He interviewed martial artist Chuck Norris, John F. Kennedy, Sting, actor Harry J. Lennix, writer Nelson Algren, a woman on a quest to sing the national anthem at every ballpark in the nation, and C.J. the orangutan, who co-starred in the 1981 Bo Derek movie, “Tarzan the Ape Man.”

You can read the full Chicago Sun-Times obituary here.

You can read the full Chicago Tribune obituary here.




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