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People Profile: Tommy Carroll

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hpd9swCgrHo]

Cutting Edge Kiosk Tech for Edgewater McD’s

We visited the at McDonald's 6231 N. Broadway in Edgewater to talk to the owner, as well as customers, about the new self-serve ordering...

Senn celebrates cultural diversity

Video by Omonie Richardson and Oscar Marquez
Site of robbery. Google Maps

Loyola student robbed while walking in alley

A Loyola student was robbed just west of campus Sunday night by three men who approached him in a car, showed a weapon, and demanded...


Local Artist, Sara Zainab Akhtar, Shares Insight On Her Art During COVID-19 

By: Ehmed Nauman, Loyola Junior Rogers Park is known to be home to bustling art culture. In jazz clubs or street festivals, local artists make...

Sullivan High School Students Reflect on Reopening

By: Sullivan High School Students CPS schools are open for in-person learning after nearly 18-months of quarantine. Sullivan students shared their feelings about going back...

Importance of Diversity: One Latina’s Journey Towards Representation

By: Dafne Valdez (Loyola Junior) The lack of representation of BIPOC in United States academia has gone under closer scrutiny over the past several years....

Loyola’s Next Generation of Business Leaders: An Interview with Inigo Communications Agency 

By: Donna Kang (Loyola Junior) Internships are a gateway to getting a job, but internships aren’t easy to obtain without prior work experience. While classes...

Balancing Fame and Going to School: An Interview with a Tik Tok Star

By: Priya Patel, Loyola Senior Hours and hours of screen time is spent by millions of users swiping and liking these 15-second videos. Now imagine...