Loyola’s IT Factor: Why Students Chose Loyola


By: Emilee Levanas (Loyola Junior)

Whether it is career opportunities, programs offered, or the Chicago city life, every Loyola student has reasons for choosing to attend Loyola University Chicago.  

Loyola University Chicago is one of the largest Jesuit universities in the United States. It stresses the importance of knowledge, curiosity and global perspectives.

With more than 80 undergraduate majors and minors to choose from, Loyola is not just known for preparing students for a career, but preparing them for life in our diverse modern world.

So, how does Loyola stand out from other schools?

18-year-old freshman Bella Nordstrom explains why she chose to move from Minneapolis to Chicago to attend Loyola. 

“I fell in love with Chicago when I came here for the first time when I was 12 and I knew I wanted to go to college here,” Nordstrom said. “I like that there is a downtown campus because I feel like there are more opportunities for internships in the city. Also, I like the smaller class sizes because I get more individual time with my professors.”

A unique aspect of Loyola is its two campuses. Both the Lake Shore campus and the Water Tower campus located in downtown Chicago, offer students a positive change in environments.

Jennifer Alvarez, a 20-year-old transfer student said, “One thing that solidified my choice of going to Loyola was the different campuses. Having the Lake Shore campus and the downtown campus was really important to me and I just like the different types of environments.”

21-year-old junior Katie Flores, an Anthropology major, also adds to the uniqueness of Loyola, transferring all the way from Laguna Beach, California. Flores chose to follow in her sister’s footsteps who also attended Loyola.

Flores said, “I like cities and I knew I didn’t want a really big school so Loyola seemed like a happy medium. Chicago was definitely not my first choice of cities to go to, but I liked Loyola so much that now I do like Chicago. I also really like the research opportunities they have for Anthropology students.”

The Loyola community is also highly active in caring for its neighborhoods. From opportunities to serve the homeless, adults with disabilities, and assisting in youth mentorship programs, there is something for everyone to get involved in.

18-year-old freshman Abby Pedersen said, “One thing that drew me to Loyola was their involvement in community service. I’m involved in Loyola 4 Chicago where I serve specifically women experiencing homelessness. I love how Loyola gives opportunities for students to aid the communities around Rogers Park and Edgewater.”

With its large variety of majors to choose from, some of Loyola’s most recognizable schools are the Quinlan School of Business and the Stritch School of Medicine.

20-year-old junior and current Quinlan student Andrea Jovanovic said, “I chose to transfer here mainly because of the Quinlan School of Business and because of the program for Information Systems. I really like the professors and the coursework.”

Biology major and future medical student Aubry Vershay adds, “I chose Loyola because of their medical program, and that they have really high academic notability.”

After hearing from some current Loyola students, Loyola University Chicago seems to have something for everyone, no matter what their interests and passions are.

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