Sullivan Sophomore Writes Poem Entitled ‘My Mother’


By: Oluwanifemi Onifade, Sullivan Sophomore

My Mother

My mother is a prayer warrior

A fighter of trials 

A lover of peace 


She is a strong willed, kind, ever caring,

ever loving person who never forsakes her loved ones. 

She is a disciplinarian and will set you right when you go the wrong way. 


She is a good confidant and advisor, 

Listens with a good ear and comforts with all her might.

She doesn’t discriminate or judge and is ever truthful. 


She has a temper but will keep it in check, 

gets angry but will stay silent and keep her distance till she is ready. 


My mother is a strong woman who doesn’t let the snares of the mockingbird get to her. 

She soars high and keeps going instead. 

She never wants you to see her breakdown and will be optimistic even in her hardest times. 


She smiles, laughs and cries like every other human being.

She is not perfect but she is mine 

I love her and wouldn’t be me without her.

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