Sullivan Students Celebrate Teachers


By: Christian Carreto, Sullivan Freshman

Teacher Appreciation Week was celebrated the first week of May at Sullivan and around the country. It was a time to appreciate teachers and recognize their hard work towards students’ education and the lives of their students. It’s also important to notice that the other staff in the building play a role in children’s education as well.

To celebrate the teachers on Teacher Appreciation Week, Sullivan’s Student Voice Council put up decorations on doors, balloons around the hallway, and posters to show appreciation towards teachers.

In honor of the Sullivan teachers on Teacher Appreciation Week, students reflected and shared their appreciation for their teachers.

Seun Oyesomi, Sullivan Freshman

“I appreciate Ms. Berkowitz because she is a very fun teacher to be around with and she’s overall a very nice person. She is always there to help when you need it and she teaches very clearly. She also helps students during their lunch period if they need help with work they didn’t complete.” 

Judith Téllez,  Sullivan Freshman

“I appreciate Mr. Zepeda because he is friendly and helps you with your problems.”

James Asmal, Sullivan Freshman

“I appreciate Mrs. Haralampopoulos because she helps us and explains to us how to do an assignment. I appreciate how Mrs. Haralampopoulos cares about all her students

Mayeli Ordonez, Sullivan Freshman

I appreciate Ms. Weiss because she cares for her students she gives us water and snacks, when ever we feel down she helps us us out even if we feel like doing nothing she will understand us.”

Alexis Franco, Sullivan Freshman

Ms. Aviles has helped me in many ways that I didn’t think were possible. she would always check up on me to make sure if i did the work. She would send you messages when you didn’t turn in the work so she can’t make your grade lower than it is.”

Alekxis Salvatore Jimenez, Sullivan Freshman

“I appreciate Ms. Kordek because she still has had enough patience to stay calm. Even when you mess up she will help you out and if you’re having problems outside of school, she’d help with that too. Not to mention she has taken time out of her day for the cooking club.”

Stephen Hammond, Sullivan Freshman

“I appreciate Ms. McMahon  because she is very helpful to all students. Ms.McMahon tries very hard to make sure all her students understand the topic, She tends to help all her students like a counselor.“

Auriyana Garner, Sullivan Freshman

“I appreciate Ms. Berkowitz because she always makes sure you understand the lesson. She will also take the time to help if you struggle with something and help you.”

Masskan Akrami, Sullivan Freshman

“I appreciate Sergeant McGhee because he helps everyone with anything and he is there for students when they need his help. He also tells us positive  things  if we are having a bad day, but he does so many great things for students that need his help and his students too!

Destiny Aigbokhai, Sullivan Freshman

“I appreciate Ms Collins because she is so caring and I love the way she is with the kids and she is very helpful and it’s anything we need. She is very patient. ¨

Hajir Hasan, Sullivan Sophomore 

“I appreciate all my teachers, especially Ms. Howard because she takes the time to educate us on how to be better students. In medical class, she teaches us new things that will help us be the greatest in our jobs in the future. She ensures that each of her students completes their assignments. She’s always flexible and she’s easy to talk to.

Aisha Adebisi, Sullivan Sophomore

“I appreciate Ms. Wrigley because she makes me comfortable and she respects my feelings and decisions. She also gives us snacks and free water.”

Sebastian Cenatus, Sullivan Sophomore

“I  appreciate Ms.Vale because she doesn’t stress us out about work, Ms.Vale also tries really hard to make lessons interesting and unique so we don’t learn about the same thing multiple times, and she explains everything extremely well.”

Anwaar Ahmad, Sullivan Sophomore 

“I appreciate Ms.Kiriazopoulos because she is very nice and helpful. She makes sure that all of her students understand the work and it is easy for them. She gives us a lot of time to finish our work. She is funny and makes me laugh sometimes.”

Tayshawn Ray-Kirk, Sullivan Sophomore

“I appreciate Coach Majer because I already knew him he was the gym teacher at my elementary school so I already has a good friendship with him and him being here influenced me to come to Sullivan.”

Alexander Jones, Sullivan Sophomore

“I appreciate Mr. Clark because he truly cares and wants the best for all of his students. Some teachers may help you and teach you but Mr. Clark takes it to the next level. He helps prepare us so that we have a real future after school! I have a lot of respect for Mr. Clark.”

Oluwatunmise Alonge-Oludaye, Sullivan Sophomore

“I appreciate Mr. Zargorski because even though he gives us homework everyday I know he does it because he truly wants us to get better at math, and not because he loves to torture high school students I hope.”


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