Outdoor Lunch Returns to Senn


By: Arfat Muhammad (Senn Senior)

Here at Senn, students are again permitted to go outdoors for lunch.

Every student gets to go outside with their peers if they complete the permission slip for outdoor lunch. The slip is on a sheet of paper where students sign their name.

“I like outdoor lunch because I like to be out in the open sometimes,” said Senior Muhammed Nedaria.

Most students use the restroom and get their lunch from the cafeteria because they will not be able to reenter the building when the period ends.

“I wished they would give us off campus lunch so we can go out and come back,” said Nedaria.

Students exit the building through the main door and will need to swipe their ID’s outside.

“I think outdoor lunch is better because there is more space for you to chill and roam around,” said Junior Mudassir Rahim.

Outdoor lunch will take place on the east side of the building. The meal period lasts from 45 minutes to an hour.

“I’m pretty excited for outdoor lunch because I like to be outside,” said Rahim.

Students can order food to the front lawn during their assigned lunch period. They are not permitted to leave the campus during this event.

“I actually have more fun in outdoor lunch because I like to play soccer and I can actually play soccer outside after having lunch with my friends,” said Junior Arpit Sutaria.

Students listen to 2nd period announcements for updates every day. This is helpful for students who are trying to avoid inclement weather.

“I feel like outdoor lunch will drop the rate of COVID cases because we will be outside in a fresh environment and not in a congested place which will keep the bacterias away.” said  Sutaria.

Students caught violating guidelines will be punished accordingly. There will be four strikes for cutting class. Walking off campus who has two strikes will result in very severe conditions.

For students who have questions can reach out to wmboatman@cps.edu

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