Senn Celebrates Women


By: Fey Falodun (Senn Junior)

On March 30 Senn students had their first-ever women’s history month celebration put together by a team of girls to show how powerful women are.

They spent over a month planning and practicing for the show and it came out great. It had trivia about women and educated the students and faculty about women’s rights. I asked a few people how they felt about the celebration.

Alexis Fillinger who emceed the show said, “Overall I felt really nervous going into it because of how big the audience was. But I ended up really loving everything that we did, and the rehearsals were extremely fun. Everyone involved was very kind and patient, and we all listened to each other’s ideas and thoughts on every aspect of the assembly. I think that was a big part of why it was so fun.”

Arely Corona who was a speaker at the celebration said, “Preparing for the Women’s History Month celebration was a bit stressful and exciting, and I felt happy and grateful that we were able to do it.”  

A couple of others said that it was a great experience and we’re glad they were a part of it and able to be a part of the first Women’s History Month celebration. 

Overall, the show was a success and they look forward to doing this again next year.

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