La Baguette Panaderia is a Hidden Gem


By: Taiyana Levy (Senn Sophomore)

Located on the edge of Andersonville and Edgewater, La Baguette Panaderia (5712 N Clark) is a welcoming place that greets guests with smiles and the smell of freshly baked goods.

La Baguette is a family establishment, originally owned by a father who has passed away, and now passed down to his son and two daughters.

There are three locations open, one in Andersonville, one on 26th street, and one on Milwaukee and Pulaski. All are equally owned by the three children.

La Banquette is always experimenting with new ideas influenced by classic recipes that will remind you of simpler times, but they always have a kick.

“The recipes are a secret,” said Tina Rocha, manager of La Baguette bakery. “Nobody has the recipes like us. I don’t even know the recipes, only the bakers. And they make the best.”

La Banquette serves mostly Mexican pastries, but their menu is also very inclusive of dishes from other cultures–American, French, anything you can think of. And like many bakeries, the menu rotates.

“We don’t just sell pastries, cookies, and doughnuts,” said Rocha. “We make cakes, we cater weddings, quinceaneras, baptisms, birthdays, everything.”

Unfortunately, the effects of COVID-19 limited the bakery’s sales, “When COVID hit we stopped catering. We only made small cakes and pastries,” said Rocha. “It was hard, for everyone, because we got fewer hours and fewer days.”

But now that everything is getting back to normal, things are better for the restaurant.

“We still need time to catch up and get back to the way things were,” said Rocha. “but with everyone doing their best, we’ll get back to that place sooner or later.”

The bakery has plans for future expansion and to make improvements.

“We’re thinking about adding some seats for customers to be able to sit down,” said Rocha. “Maybe add some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to the menu.” This way customers can sit down, eat, and just enjoy the warm calming atmosphere of the restaurant.

But something the bakery is specifically focusing on is getting new employees. “Because of COVID, we don’t have enough help, just two ladies for the whole day,” said Rocha. “And I don’t bake, I just work in the front. So, I do my best to help decorate the desserts.”

Come visit La Baguette for a sweet treat and to support this local business.


  1. This wonderful place is my go-to for any of my bakery desires. The selection is terrific ! I can’t say enough about it. You can actually order in advance for a flan ! I take a bus all the way from Clark and Diversey to make a pilgrimage back and forth when the feeling hits. The prices are very gentle, too. Love it 💜🔥💜

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