Senn Students Reflect on Ramadan


By: Safa Yahya (Senn Sophomore)

Ramadan is a period when Muslims dry fast from dawn to sunset. Ramadan started on April second this year, making the day of fasting for Senn Muslim students which can make school more challenging. Students who fast might be up all night or have a messed-up sleep schedule. Because Ramadan is based on the lunar calendar, the timing of the Muslim holy month varies from year to year. That is why this year it starts in April and last year it started in May.

RogersEdge Reporter Safa Yahya sat down with several Muslim Senn students to get their take. 

What struggles do Senn students face while fasting and coming to school? 

Ramia Ahmed (Junior)

Fasting in school was hard because hours felt longer and I was conscious about people hearing my stomach rumbling. I couldn’t stay focused on tasks too long because I just felt really tired. I did not feel as energetic as I did when I had food in my system.

Nimra Naeem (First Year)

Fasting in school is going okay, but I do get tired and sleepy at some point in the day. Some struggles I faced were staying up late at night and then having to go to school very early. The other thing is not being able to focus because of feeling hunger.

Nurafah Mohammed Ibrahim (Sophomore)

My fasting in Ramadan is going pretty well, although it is a little bit difficult to manage with school. I am lacking sleep, I rarely have time to do homework, and school is really tiring especially with the stairs at Senn. With 7 classes to attend, all in different locations, it gets really exhausting. Moreover, getting to school on time is also difficult since most of us are sleeping at midnight and awake shortly before sunrise. Overall, fasting with school is quite a struggle but it is somewhat manageable. Really thankful for spring break during this time.

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