Senn Students Take on Faculty in Volleyball


By: Entisar Mohamed (Senn Student)

Senn High school held another faculty/student challenge with a volleyball game last Friday in order to build school spirit. 

The teachers defeated the students 26-24 turning a close game into a victory. Still both teams made sure that they had an amazing time.

Martin Galligan, a social studies teacher said, “Great game, great action! I have not played in a long time, great to be out there. I am really happy with the score.” 

Senn junior Rachel Tachie-Menson said, “They did really well. I feel like they did decent. It was not bad. The students did pretty well as well but the teachers won back to back.”

After watching the game, I can not deny that the score was close and it was exciting watching the score rise for each team.

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