Spring in Rogers Park


By: The Sullivan RogersEdge Reporter Team

Following spring break, students and Rogers Park residents are finding themselves outside again as the weather warms up and smiles return to the community members’ faces.

With the weather hitting up to 60 degrees, residents have swapped their winter coats for khaki shorts as they visit the local park, gardens and beach.

“It’s very nice to go out for a walk,” Selva Morales, a Rogers Park resident, said.

While the warm weather was pulling some people outside, others were still skeptical of what weather was to come. 

“I was feeling very excited and then a young person reminded me that in Chicago we have nine seasons,” Debbie Southorn said. “The one we are currently in is the second fake spring so actually winter is going to come back again and I can’t be too happy.”

The spring weather has also inspired a spark of creativity amongst some of the students at Sullivan. Adeboboye Adekoya, Sullivan Sophomore and 1st year RogersEdge Reporter member, found a breath of fresh spring air to inspire her to write more poetry. 

“Petals of pride rippled through her curls

Clothed in roses and pearls;

She rose against the perils.”

See Adekoya’s full poetry piece in a separate RogersEdge Reporter post.

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