Sullivan Students’ Favorite Places in Chicago


By: Favour Mamudu, Sullivan Senior, and Olamide Olaleye, Sullivan Senior

Students at Sullivan High School decided to share some of their experiences about their favorite places in Chicago outside of school that they love spending their free time.

Sullivan High school students share their favorite places to go to during their leisure time in Chicago. These places can be visited by a Chicago native or a tourist.  They shared the fact that their favorite places are places where they can be themselves, be comfortable within themselves, practice self reflection, and  meditation. 

A way to relieve stress could be by going to the gym and working out. Some  people  discover their sense of purpose by going to the gym and working out with friends.

Moyo Awoye, Sullivan Senior, shared his favorite place in Chicago. He said, “My favorite spot in Chicago is X-sport Fitness at 3450 W Touhy Ave, Skokie IL 60076. I love going there to play basketball. It’s my passion. It relieves me of stress, helps clear my head and it gives me clarity.” 

Since moving to the US, Jote Kenha, Sullivan Senior, has had experiences in Chicago that lead him to have a new perspective on things. He credits Burger Park and the nearby beach as a place he feels most connected to his family.

“This place is my favorite place because my brother and I sneak out to go there during summer. We go there and play around with the sand. It was the first place that he realized that he is in the United States because back home he can not get that experience living in a third world country (in Ethiopia). I will recommend this place to family with kids or friends with groups because it is a park where you will feel the joy and the fresh breeze on every part of your body.” 

There is nowhere as comfortable as home and just being able to unapologetically be yourself without judgment in your home is what makes a lot of people grounded to their homes.

Maria Curran, Sullivan Senior, shared her experience about her home being her favorite place. 

 “My favorite place in Chicago is my house because it is my safe place. I get to be myself there and I am also somewhere familiar and have people that I care about and they also care about me.  I feel safe because I am not around strangers and it makes it more special. My favorite thing to do at home is crocheting, watching Netflix, and doing my makeup. For people, whose favorite place is their house, it’s okay to be yourself in your safe zone”.

Finding a place that grounds you can be extremely difficult, but Kevin Flores, Sullivan Senior, knows about the importance of finding a place that makes him feel comfortable and not out of place. 

“My favorite place in Chicago is Foster Beach because of the rocks. I love this place because it’s peaceful and calm. The waves of the water are very pleasant to your eyes. The sunset that shows up on the beach around the evening time is attractive. I feel relieved, connected more with nature, and it improves my mental health. I used to live in Las Vegas, but when I saw the beach here in Chicago I was awed because it was beautiful and mesmerizing. I believe everyone has their personal place but I would say you should go to the beach any time that is pleasant for you and going in the evening is better because there are less people which means you can do you, at that time.”

The beach is a popular place for students to feel grounded. 

Izzy Anderson, Sullivan Senior, remarked, “My favorite place in Chicago is the Sheridan Lake. Whenever I go to the beach I feel connected to the universe, grounded, calm, and peaceful.  The beach feels angelic, divine, feminine vibes.”

Students, like Anderson,  have their own place that makes them feel connected to the universe, a place, themselves or to a person in some way.

“I would recommend this place by saying ‘look at the lake, it’s greater than yourself’. Sometimes we can get really anxious and magnify issues and affairs. So looking at the lake can help realize that some of those things are small and there’s hope.” 



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