Senn Students Fall to Faculty in Dodgeball


By: Umaima Younus (Senn Junior) 

Senn High school held its students versus teachers dodgeball game on Friday, March 18th. Just as with the recent student/faculty basketball game, the teachers won. 

Both teachers and students played really hard and had so much fun during the game. Not a lot of teachers signed up to play so the students evened out the teams by playing for the teachers. 

Senn junior Fey Falodun said, “I am really excited for this game and can’t wait to defeat the teachers.”

Senn senior River Ornelas said, “The game was fun everybody enjoyed it. The students should’ve won but oh well.” 

Senn Physics teacher Irving Hernandez said the results were nothing new, the teachers were the best, and it was fun playing with the students rather than just teaching them. It was nice to spend the Friday afternoon with the students. 

After watching today’s game, the teachers surprised us once again by winning. Both teachers and students played very well, but students really need to up their game for next time.

Better luck next time students!


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