Senn Kicks Off Spring with the Start of the Soccer

Photograph of the Senn girls varsity soccer team after their first game.

By: Ramiyah Lee (Senn Sophomore)

The varsity girls soccer team won their first game 7-2 last Monday against Intrinsic High School.

Belma Ceric is a sophomore on the varsity team and talks about how she feels about her and the team’s performance in the season so far.

“To be truly honest, it wasn’t my best game because my blood sugar dropped. So my first half was not well, but in my second half I picked it up and I was able to score a penalty,” said Ceric.

Ceric plays right wing most of the time and occasionally forward. Laura Tobar is also a sophomore on the varsity team. She plays forward and midfield.

“I feel very happy with my performance. I feel like my whole team played really well and I’m really proud of them,” Tobar said. “I feel like we’re really motivated which is really important and, yeah, I think we’ll do good this season.”

Tobar scored five goals in this first game, and her teammate Daniela Palacios assisted with three of those goals. 

Ceric had the same stance on the overall skill set of the team. “Our skill set is varied. Everyone is different. There are some people that need to work on things, but overall, the team is really good and exceptional.” 

Ceric and Tobar both look forward to this upcoming season and playing with their new teammates.

“I’m just excited to have this with my team and make friends and just have a good time,” said Ceric.

“I look forward to spending more time with my teammates and just getting to know them,” Tobar said. “And obviously winning.” 

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