Senn First Years Take on “The Sharks”


By: Khadijatou Sohna, Colin Clark, and Jacob Sager (Senn Students)

Senn major studies students take on the sharks

Senn’s first year Design 1 students created innovative inventions and shared them with a panel of “sharks” (Senn teachers), modeled after the popular show “Shark Tank.”

RogersEdge Reporter interviewed Ms. Flores, the computer design teacher, and she explained how the students have been practicing taking on the sharks.

RER: Tell me about the Major Studies Shark Tank presentation, when and how it got started?

Flores: In building the Computer Science Design class, I wanted to have a collaborative group task in the second semester that was completely developed around students building a prototype and making their own choices on focus.  As a huge fan of Shark Tank (and seeing younger students on the show), I knew it was the perfect way to embed the design thinking process and group collaboration. This was the fourth year of Shark Tank with presentations at the end of the unit. This is only the third year where other adults in the building have been invited into the classrooms to play the role of shark. It has been a really fun addition.

RER: What are some of the highlights going to be this year?

Flores: Seeing students respond to questions from the sharks is one of the most enjoyable moments. Having students think on their feet and really pitch their ideas, regardless of product, is a really fun moment in this unit. I’ve seen some pretty cool products being made, so I think my groups will get a lot of offers from the sharks.

RER: How will teachers be involved?

Flores: Teachers, staff, and administrators will be the sharks for these presentations. Over 20 adults in our community wanted to help out and come in to experience “the tank” and all the cool products our 9th-grade Computer Science Design students have created. Each class will have 3 or more sharks. 

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