Senn Sponsors Academic Tutoring


By: Arfat Muhammad (Senn Senior)

Here at Senn, the tutoring program is a place where students get help with specific classes on scheduled days.

Each teacher tutors the same subject they teach during the school day. Instructors notify their students if they are available for after-school sessions and then meet in the media center to get help.

“I go to tutoring so it can help me with my homework and also so I can get better grades,” said senior Muhammad Nedaria.

Teachers tutor more than one subject if they teach multiple subjects of classes. 

“I tutor in two different capacities,” said social studies teacher Donald Schiek. “I tutor for the social studies department and that can be any students coming to tutoring for social studies. Primarily that’s usually US History students or World Studies or Geography students.”

Students said they appreciate Senn’s tutoring services and think that it is pretty beneficial. 

“I think it’s helpful,” said junior Mudassir Rahim. “It’s helpful for students who have difficulty understanding the material they are given.”

Senn is also looking for new students who are capable enough to tutor each other. 

“We do have student-led tutoring, and I would just like to see more of this in the future,” said art teacher Casey Murtaugh.

For students interested in after-school help, they can ask their teachers if they could get tutoring or they just walk into the media center after classes. 



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