CPS Goes “Mask Optional” Starting Monday


By: Colin Clark (Senn Senior) and the Senn TV Crew

Chicago Public Schools announced on March 7, 2022 it is dropping its masks mandate next week because of the decline of Covid-19 cases, as well as vaccination rates.

Based on the data, CPS Covid-19 vaccination rates are now near the national average for 12-17 year-old students (64 percent of CPS students age 12-17 have had at least a first dose, compared to 68 percent nationally).

According to CPS, they always made their decision based on the science. Health experts, especially Dr. Allison Arwady and her team at the Chicago Department of Public Health, said.  

Senn students and teachers were shocked about CPS lifting up the mask mandate. Some students felt that it was too early for the mask mandate to be lifted, so they plan on keeping their masks on until they personally think that the time is right to take them off.

On the other hand, some students see this as a blessing and are using this chance to celebrate their freedom in not being forced into wearing masks at schools.

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