Senn Sophomores Feel the Rush to Complete Personal Projects


By: Entisar Mohamed (Senn Junior)

Senn High School sophomores are rushing to complete their Personal Projects, an open ended project designed to allow students to complete a product of their choosing, by the due date of March 15. 

Student are encouraged to choose a topic they are interested in and something that they wanted to learn or solve.

Sophomore Alex Alperin is writing a story for her personal project.

“I have a lot of trouble writing my own stories, like not having a deadline. This deadline for the Personal Project gave me enough motivation to finally write something and finish it.”

Alperin said that the process was therapeutic during a tough school year.

“I was dealing with a lot of hard stuff at the time, and I wrote it into a story which was really helpful for me to deal with it,” Alperin said.

The Personal Project is allowing students not only to learn something that they are interested in but help them in different parts of their life.

Sophomore Viviana Garcia is working on the topic of depression as her personal project.

“I have a history with depression. I deal with it. I have a lot of family member and friends that deal with it, and I was just trying to raise awareness for it.” 

Sophomore Ruth Anthony is working on s step by step procedure on how to draw a outfit. Ruth chose this topic because she finds drawing outfits.

“I like drawing and wanted to do something that I like and was not to hard but I can still learn from,” she said. 

Senn teacher Kaitlyn Ritts helped students with their projects. 

She said, “The students are doing really well. It’s been interesting to get the know the students and their interests. They all pick something that is a interest to them and they have really worked outside of class to figure out how they are going to demonstrate what they have learned about their topic, so I get to know them personally.”  

The Personal Project is a way for teachers to understand their students on a deeper level. 

Sophomore teacher Nathan Reinhart said, “This is a great opportunity to figure out what it is that they want to learn and what problem they want to solve and just go all in on it.”

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