Senn Staff Defeat Students in Basketball Game


By: Jocelin Andrade (Senn Sophomore), Video by Colin Clark and Jacob Sager (Senn Seniors) 

Senn High School held its students versus teachers basketball game on Friday, February 18th, celebrating an annual tradition that was temporarily stopped due to COVID. The teachers won the game 36-27.

Both students and teachers put in a lot of effort for Friday’s game. The teachers’ team was nicknamed the Amigos, and the student team was nicknamed the All-Stars.

Climate and Culture Coordinator Wendy Boatman said, “The teachers are gonna kick butt! Obviously! They have more experience.’’

Senn High School teacher/coach Sebastian Szewczyk shares in Boatman’s confidence. He said, “I felt like I knew the teachers were gonna win from the start , but didn’t know how much we were going to win by, I thought we were going to win by more but we won by ten.’’

Senn Sophmore Sylvester Batchelor says that he had fun, but thought the game was a bit rigged.

He said, “They got all the fouls, but it’s cool.”

After watching the basketball game, Wendy Boatman was right. The teachers did win the Students vs Teachers basketball game. The score was 36 to 27. Both students and teachers were competitive, but the teachers surprisingly took the win for Friday’s game.

Better luck next time students!

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