Celebrating Senn Black Youth And Their Accomplishments

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By: Ta’Kirah King (Senn First Year)

Black History Month is here and people are choosing to celebrate in many different ways, such as educating themselves, donating to Black organizations, visiting Black history museums, and supporting black businesses. Today we’re celebrating in a different way–by recognizing Black students at Senn for their accomplishments and spreading positivity amongst our generation.

Senn high school is full of brilliant minds, and students want to share just that with the world. 

Oliva Goldman, Senn first year, said, “I’m planning on to going to college and work on my art there and maybe even making my own art and sell it later on in the future.” 

Sarah Onyewuchi, Senn first year, said, “To be able to help as many people as possible because as someone that wants to be in the medical field in the near future, I really hope that’ll I’ll be able to help someone.”

When asked who inspires them to pursue the things they’re passionate about, here’s what Rashidat Komolafe, Senn first year, had to say: “I inspire myself because since I don’t have anyone to look up to, I get to motivate myself to do what I want.”

Lastly, students shared their biggest strength or their favorite trait about themselves. 

Mary Freitas, Senn Junior, said, “Something I really love about myself would be my resilience. I don’t really give up easily.”

Sarah Onyewuchi said, “I love my creativity and curiosity and my ability to think of new ideas. 

Rashidat Komolafe kept it simple and said, “I love everything about myself.”

Black Students are working hard to achieve their goals and make positive impacts on the world, and hopefully one day this positivity will spread to all media.

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