Winter Storm Blasts Rogers Park and Edgewater


By: Colin Clark (Senn Senior)

Just when spring seemed right around the corner, a blizzard and cold front hit the Chicagoland area, leaving Senn students frustrated on a blustery trip back home after school on Thursday.

Hazardous traveling conditions made the return trip home almost doubledfor many students walking or taking public transportation. For students going long distances, the roads also proved difficult to navigate. 

A total of about three inches fell on the northside, with the snowfall ending around 9 p.m. Bitter temperatures, as low as eight degrees met the students on their morning commute to school on Friday. 

Area resident Vincent Moncher said, “ It takes longer to get home because there is a lot of traffic. It takes longer to pick up their kids because of the traffic.”  

Zariyah Jenkins was surprised by the snowstorm, believing that it wouldn’t be as significant as it was. 

“I heard about the snow storm but I wasn’t expecting it to snow a lot today. I wasn’t prepared for the snow storm.”

Senn staff and students continue to show resilience as they work their way through the winter storm season, eager for spring to be right around the corner.

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