High School Community Reflections on the Transition From Fall To Winter In Rogers Park


By: Oluwanifemi Onifade, Sullivan Sophomore

There are only a handful of seasons in a school year. Many different people go about fall and winter in different ways. Community members from Sullivan High School in Rogers Park Chicago and Senn High School in Edgewater Chicago reflected on which season they prefer. 

Elisa Fantoni, Sullivan Sophomore, said, “Fall in Rogers Park was lovely. There was a beautiful color change in the leaves and wonderful sweater weather. Winter on the other hand was a little late but blessed us with snow later in December.

Sullivan 10th grade English teacher Rakeesha Wrigley stated that she preferred fall to winter.

“The leaves are very pretty when they fall and it is beautiful to watch. The falling of the leaves also makes it so that the birds and their nests are visible.” 

She is not particularly fond of winter, but she does enjoy the occasional brunch at M. Henry in Andersonville. 

She said, “That’s my winter spot because I definitely don’t want to travel far for lunch, it’s too cold and I’m not gonna cook on the weekend.” 

Senn Freshman Naila Galvez on the other hand loves summer, but also loves to watch Christmas movies. 

She said, “I celebrate Christmas with my family. We watch Christmas movies. COVID affected me seeing most of my family at one point though but not anymore.”  

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