“Spider-man: No way home”: What’s the hype about? 


By: Maria Garcia Coronel

Marvel has its fans absolutely stunned by the new movie coming out on December 17, 2021. Everyone is lining up to get their “Spider-man: No Way Home” tickets, buying online or in person. According to Variety Theater chain, Vue sold over 150,000 tickets. It’s been told there will be new surprise characters and old ones returning in the movie. The setting of the movie will take place in New York City which will tend to be a huge part of the movie. 

Fans at Senn High School are so excited that they can not wait until Friday comes up on their calendar. 

Nathaniel Chavez, Senn Junior, said, “I’m very excited for December 17th. This is because Spider-Man NWH will do something I haven’t seen or heard many other movies do which is bring together multiple eras of a hero, McGuire obviously being the early 2000s, Garfield being the mid-2000s, and Holland being the latest Spider-Man.” 

Surprisingly not everyone is buying their tickets, others are willing to wait patiently for it to come on Disney Plus. 

“Sadly I haven’t bought my tickets yet, I have other plans when the movie comes out but I’ll probably go another day or wait for the movie to come out on Disney plus.” Yanelly Secundino, Senn Junior, said. 

Even Senn teachers are excited about the new Spider-man movie. Martin Galligan, Senn Civic Teacher, said, “I am excited to see the movie. I like Tom Holland as Spiderman. He has a younger take on the role and being a high school teacher, I do appreciate that.”

Others just don’t find the Spider-man movies interesting at all. Mohamud Mohamed, Senn Junior student said, “I think it’s overhyped because every time a new movie is announced regarding Spider-man it gets all the attention but it flops after a week of the movie coming out.” 

Will the movie live up to the hype? Or will this film have fans leaving the theaters disappointed? Only time will tell.

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