Students and Teachers: Life Before Winter Break


By: Nina Mellits (Senn Student) 

Students and teachers are getting ready for their break to begin. For some, there is more pressure to get assignments done and to grade faster. Some said they get less work before the break, some said they get more. 

George Jarroush, a history teacher at Senn said, “We are focusing more on summative assessments, we give them the last two weeks before winter break to work on their final summative assessments for the class. I have a tendency to think that students will reach out to their teacher more, take more advantage of things after school.”

Kenneth Borre, a math teacher at Senn said, “Most students are more focused on getting done with work right before the break.”

More teachers will give out assessments right before the break to improve their grades. 

Lila Lee, a sophomore student at Senn, said, “Certain classes are just an overload of work. Grades are finalized right before the break and to get everything done.”

Students are working hard to get their work done because grades are due right after the break. This ensures they want to have good grades for the semester. 

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