What makes Rogers Park special? Senn students report!


By: Taiyana Levy, Warisha Aziz, Umaima Younus, Mohammad Owais Younus, Arfat Muhammad, Nina Mellits, Maria Garcia-Coronel, Ramiyah Lee (Senn Students)

Rogers Park’s history, diversity, and nature make it an often underappreciated neighborhood in Chicago. So, what do the residents feel makes it stand out?

Senn High School students asked several residents to share their favorite aspect of Rogers Park for RogersEdge Reporter.

Giselle Rodriguez (15): Rogers Park is a great neighborhood to live in because of the diversity in people. With so many different ethnicities and cultures that run through our streets; shown in restaurants, small businesses, and even staff in our schools, almost anyone can feel welcomed.

Nazenin Ibrahimi (17): If you ask me what makes Rogers Park a great neighborhood to live in, it would be just the people here. They are so friendly, helpful, and caring. I always see people saying “hi” and smiling which makes my day really good. I travel a lot and always taking the El, and I never feel scared or unsafe because I know there are really good people who are always looking out for each other.

Arpit Sutaria (16): I grew up in Rogers Park, and I just love the people and the environment here. I am so attached to it. I have always played in parks around Rogers Park, gone to the restaurants close by, and even decided to go to Senn because it’s near Rogers Park. Rogers Park is also a safe environment for kids and adults, which I like because not so many environments are safe these days.

Max Martin (22): Rogers park is a pretty okay neighborhood. I grew up here and a lot has changed over the years. It’s better now, I guess. It’s safer and more diverse which is nice. My favorite memory would be just going to parks and playing with friends I guess and waiting for the ice cream man to show up.

Asfia Naveed (23): Rogers Park is a very fun and unique neighborhood. There is so much do to here and explore, so many places like restaurants, stores, and parks. Everything is close by. There are elementary schools, a high school, churches, mosques, and much more. It is very involved. I mean there are all types of people like Indian, American, Mexican, and African Americans, which is nice because you get to see so many different cultures and their festivities. I love Mexican food and the restaurants here are pretty good, I must say.

Amer Syed (25): Rogers Park is a great place to live in because you are surrounded by different cultures. If you go a little west on Devon then it’s Indian culture, to the north on Clark is Hispanic culture, south of Broadway is Vietnamese culture. Being surrounded by different cultures helps mold your perspective on the world. If I was to add something to Rogers Park, I’d add a cultural center where everyone can come together and spend time and learn about each other and their cultures.

Kyra-Shae Cole (15): The people and the food. I have met a large variety of people. I would say Rogers Park is very diverse. But, I think despite the diversity, there is some lack of emotions. We can be nicer to each other, sometimes, to build a better community.

Shawn Daral (22): Something that makes Rogers Park a great place to live in is that we have many good facilities and great people. I have always loved to visit Tostini.

Muhammad Jamil (39): The diverse community makes a great neighborhood. The love between all the communities and all the Pakistani and Indian restaurants makes Rogers Park more beautiful. I love to visit Ghareeb Nawaz all the time.

Nora Fox (15): Diversity and the strong community it has, the culture represented here, and the small businesses, and the fact that it´s so close to the lake.

Anne Fogarty (52): It’s close to the lake, has good public transportation, friendly people, a diverse community, is close to Evanston and isn´t far from downtown, and has a lot of small businesses.

Jesus Ferrer (17): Well, from my perspective, I think Rogers Park is a great neighborhood to live in because you have much access to things. Parks, stores, restaurants, fields, schools, police stations, and many more.

Belma Ceric (16): Rogers Park has a lot of opportunities to learn about new cultures and religions. When it comes to restaurants, you can try new foods, and I really enjoy doing that. And one of my favorite things is the scenery which is like murals under tunnels and just like graffiti in general.

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