Sullivan High School Celebrates Homecoming with Spirit Week Themes


By Oluwanifemi Onifade, Sullivan Sophomore

Sullivan High School recently celebrated homecoming! We all know that on the week of any good homecoming, there will always be a very fun-filled spirit week. Sullivan students were highly anticipating spirit week for a while and had been so excited and pre-planning their outfits. 

After a three day holiday, the week started off with the Twin Day theme. Students and teachers left and right dressed in matching attires. The whole school was amused and shocked to enter their classes or walk through the halls and see people dressed as the Teletubbies.

Wednesday was a whole different story. The theme of the day was Celebrity Look-alike day. The teachers took it away by dressing as most of their favorite celebrities. Students weren’t as participatory on this one, but there were still quite a few who dressed up anyway.

Thursday admittedly was the best day of the week for everyone and it was the day most students dressed up. It was Pajama day and everyone was in comfortable PJs and enjoying the freedom of not having to dress up. There were some students with blankies and stuffed animals. It was a sight to see.

Elisa Fantoni, Sullivan sophomore, said, “It was nice to see people not all dressed up, but more relaxed and laid back with their appearance.” Students agreed that it was very comfortable to just wake up and not bother to pick an outfit.

Friday, Homecoming day, was the Class Color day. Students were either rocking the Sullivan t-shirt or the assigned color symbolizing their class. Students and staff were having mixed feelings as the spirit week had come to an end.

Coach Jason Majerowicz, gym teacher at Sullivan High school, said, “To make the spirit week more fun next time, involvement from people in the school; both teachers and students would be appreciated.”

Fey Olaleye, Sullivan Sophomore, said, “Overall we wish there was more participation from the students, it’ll have made it more fun.”

With anticipation, students have already started brainstorming new ideas and themes for the next spirit week. Themes like 90’s day, Disney day, Heritage day and so many more colorful ideas were suggested.

Let’s see what the next spirit week brings!

Photos taken by the Sullivan High School’s Digital Media Crew.

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