Where to Affordably Eat in Rogers Park/Edgewater Right Now


By: Camryn Pischke (Loyola Junior)

Chicago, specifically in Rogers Park and Edgewater, has amazing restaurants that Loyola students and local residents enjoy.

Between buying books, transportation, and activities with friends, college students tend to spend a lot of money. On top of that, a typical college student spends around $163 to $367 a month on food. The average meal in Chicago costs $15, therefore it would be very difficult for students to eat out every day and stay within a budget. Since eating out is seldom for some, college students make sure the food is great tasting and budget-friendly.

I interviewed five Loyola University Chicago students and asked “What is your favorite restaurant in the Rogers Park/Edgewater area to get a budget-friendly meal?”

Throughout the pandemic, outdoor seating became extremely popular and the way that most restaurants stayed open. Right off Devon Ave. in Rogers Park is Uncommon Ground. 

Clara Franz, Junior, said, “My favorite place to go is Uncommon Ground because they have a really nice outdoor seating area.”

Besides having this great outdoor area, they have a unique and organic menu. They are known for farm-to-table dishes with locally sourced ingredients. 

Franz said, “I like to get a burger and the cauliflower fritters. Together they cost just around $20 and taste like they should be more expensive.”

Down the street, at Devon Ave. and Magnolia Ave. lies Nori Sushi. This local sushi and noodle shop is extremely popular with students. 

Ella Harris Hohne, a junior, said, “Nori Sushi has genuinely good sushi which is hard to find sometimes. I usually order the chicken teriyaki bento box. It comes with chicken teriyaki, gyoza, a California roll, rice, veggies, miso soup, and a salad.”

This is the perfect meal for those on a budget or on the go. They have a variety of options that all are under $20. 

Another sushi restaurant in the area is Asahi Roll Sushi. Asahi Roll serves authentic Japanese cuisine at an affordable price. Many sushi lovers know that sushi typically is expensive. 

Grace Kelly, a junior, said, “Asahi Roll Sushi is my favorite restaurant in the area. I usually get a California roll, Philadelphia roll, and the pork egg roll appetizer. It is all relatively affordable.” 

In the Edgewater neighborhood lies mom and pop shop, Dak. Dak is a Korean restaurant that specializes in Korean chicken wings and other Korean dishes.

 Meghan Amaral, a junior Korean barbeque enthusiast said, “Dak is great because the food tastes fresh, light, and healthy. It’s a different alternative to other fast food options in the area.”

Unlike the above recommendations, Raising Cane’s is a late night favorite of many Loyola students. The restaurant is open till 3:30 a.m. and reaches mostly the late night crowd. Usually that crowd is students looking for a quick and cheap meal. 

Meredith Herbruck, Junior, said, “My go to meal is the three finger combo. It comes with three chicken tenders, Texas toast, and my personal favorite, Cane’s sauce.” 

All of these restaurants have a variety of options that are under $20. Loyola University Chicago students and college students in general are typically living on a budget. With that being said, they know how to find a good deal. 

If you are in the Rogers Park/Edgewater neighborhood go check out

Uncommon Ground https://www.uncommonground.com/

Nori Sushi https://www.norichicago.com

Dak https://www.dakwings.com

Asahi Roll Sushi http://asahirollsushi.com

Raising Cane’s https://www.raisingcanes.com/location/352.

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