Senn students debate vaccine mandate

Doctor drawing up Covid-19 vaccine from glass phial bottle and filling syringe injection for vaccination. Close up of hand wearing protective disposable gloves in lab and holding a bottle of vaccination drugs. Hand with blue surgical gloves taking sars-coV-2 vaccine dose from vial with syringe: prevention and immunization concept.

By: Feyiteniola Falodun (Senn Junior) and Safa Yahya (Senn Sophomore)

With students in Edgewater and Rogers Park returning to in person school, people are wondering if the COVID vaccine should be mandated. COVID cases are going down. CPS even yesterday announced that Friday, November 12 is a day of of school to encourage vaccination. 

L’or Kizabi, aJunior at Senn, said, “I don’t think the vaccine should be mandatory, and I think people should have the choice on whether they want to get the vaccine.”       

Another resident Haris Tekesik said, “No, it should be encouraged but not forced.”

Other people had quite a different take, Grace Dapat a junior at Senn, thinks the vaccine should be mandatory because it is about public safety.

Victoria Adebayo, a parent of two, who also survived COVID, said, “It should be mandatory, it is a very deadly disease and those who are still alive are very lucky. we should all be working together to get rid of it.”

So far there hasn’t been any COVID vaccine mandate for CPS students. How do you feel about it? Should students be mandated to take the vaccine? 

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