Sullivan Cooking Club Gives Students Skills for Life

Cooking club with chocolate covered strawberries

By Christian Carreto (Sullivan Freshman)

Beef fried rice

Sullivan’s yearly Cooking club kickoff has started back to normal in-person, Sullivan High School teacher Anna Kordek offers creative, culinary ways for students to work on independence and social skills while still having fun.

Students work together to cook and create meals that they chose the week before,” Kordek says, “Some students cook, others chop, others clean. Gordon Ramsay would be proud!”

The students are creating a cookbook that they can look back to their collection of recipes they did throughout the year. They will be able to use their cookbooks to make a meal for a celebration and holidays with their families.

“Students are also developing a cookbook that incorporates pictures of the food they cooked and recipes”, shares Kordek. “The hope is that they can take this cookbook and use it in spaces beyond high school.”

Fried chicken

The cooking club is an after-school program for all grade levels who want to learn about basic cooking skills. The club meets once a week in the school for an hour or depending on what they are making. The students choose what they will make the week before.

Cooking club member, Ruby Mauricio, Sullivan Freshman, shares her thoughts about the cooking club.

 “I like cooking class because I’m giving myself the opportunity to try out something new and try different types of foods I have never tried before.”


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