RogersEdge Reporter is Back


By RogersEdge Reporter Staff

Our hyperlocal stories focusing on the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods will be returning this week, as the RogersEdge Reporter staff and crew take the reins on a new school year.

The site took a short hiatus over the summer. Presently, the staff and scope have grown, with exciting changes leading to what we hope will be our most successful year yet.

Returning for their second year working together are Bureau Chiefs Michael Cullinane (from Senn High School) and Anna Kordek (from Sullivan High School). Their students meet after school Wednesdays to plan and construct their articles, working with the leaders throughout the week to perfect their ideas.

The site will have further contributions from Loyola students in Cullinane’s Reporting and Writing course.

RogersEdge held their meetings entirely online last school year. Previously, the meetings were held at a local Rogers Park storefront. Presently, the meetings with the students and the Bureau Chiefs happen at Senn and Sullivan High School with both schools collaborating on ideas and articles.

The future looks bright for the website with more students than ever participating in the program, all excited to share important, impactful, and interesting stories about the neighborhood.

This year, the team will also welcome Loyola student mentors who will come to the high schools weekly to contribute to the process.

“Last year was rough but successful,” Cullinane said. “I’m confident that this year is going to allow students to have the true experiences of being a journalist first hand. I can’t wait to share their amazing work.”

The site welcomes feedback and insight. Please email Michael Cullinane with any questions or concerns.


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