Sullivan’s World Repair Project


By Hajir Hasan, Sullivan Freshman

For the fourth quarter, Sullivan is hosting a project for the freshmen students, “The World Repair Project.” This was created five years ago by Ms. Aviles and a former biology teacher. The project is designed to show what we learned and write about our passions. 

Students will study and learn about various forms of global issues from a variety of categories. After studying these issues, students will pick a topic to write about. The categories are human rights, environmental issues, resource scarcity, and health issues. Students are then asked to find solutions for these problems. 

Ms. Aviles, a ninth grade World Studies teacher said, “Students are asked to use all of the skills they mastered over the course of the year to choose a global issue that matters to them, identify the root causes of that issues, the effects, and any current solutions. Students are then tasked with creating their own solution. This project encapsulates Sullivan’s Grad at Grad skills and allows students to show their critical thinking, cultural awareness, and encourages them to become positive impacts in their communities.” 

This is the second year the project had to be online. Ms. Kordek, a Sullivan Biology teacher added, “It’s literally buzzing with students working on projects, gluing posters, talking to teachers, walking from classroom to classroom. It will definitely be different this year like the last year, but I still feel that the buzz will happen one way or another! I feel good about the resilience students have expressed throughout this pandemic!” 

“I think a lot of people haven’t been able to speak up about their human rights being violated and their poor living conditions because their voices are constantly silenced.” said Kimberly Valle, a freshman who’s interested in writing about human rights. 

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