Softball In Sullivan High School


By: Olamide Olaleye and Favour Mamudu, Sullivan Juniors

Sullivan High School hosted their first softball game this year, following years of being unable to do so due to a lack of resources.

The softball team has been training nonstop since some of them have never played softball before and found it to be a challenging yet enjoyable experience.

The Sullivan softball team is like a big family, and everybody looks out for each other. Even when it appears that they are going to lose a game, they continue to support and encourage one another by cheering and hyping up one another.

According to Keiara Hicks-Bounds, a senior in Sullivan High School, “it was really tough but I think we nailed it in effort and growth. The first two games we were just getting used to it. But the last two are when we really bring the heat. I will miss my girls and I’m glad I got to play softball with them.”

Sports can help young athletes hone their athletic skills and become athletes. It teaches them how to overcome obstacles and win in the face of difficulties. As stated by Maria Curran, a Junior in Sullivan High School and the captain of Girls Softball, “How I feel about playing softball is that I see it as a way to get my stress out and to have fun! It was challenging at times but I would try and stay calm because I understand that this was most of the girls’ first time playing and I am grateful to have been able to meet all these amazing girls even if we have had our rough times but I will miss them a lot.” 

The Sullivan softball coach Mr. Clark is a CTE Business Teacher and head coach of the football, wrestling, and  softball teams. He said “It feels great, awesome, and I’m up for a new challenge to coach Girls Softball.”

He also stated that it has been three years since Sullivan High School played girls’ softball, which means that there are a lot of new people on the team that have no experience in playing softball. “But we are moving in the right direction. It reminds me of when I started coaching for the wrestling and girls soccer team here at Sullivan,” he said. 

Coach Clark also said, “One piece of advice I will give my Girls is to have passion, study your craft, play your role the coach has asked you to, and be the best you can be.”

Mr. Clark also nicely thanked his team for their resilience and their tenacious spirit. “Thank you ladies for being amazing and having me as your coach. It was great to learn from you and thanks for giving me your full commitment from day one of being your coach. Now stay active and do other sports until Springtime 2022.”

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