What Literature Looks Like For Armadillo’s Pillow


Erin Adams, Sullivan Freshman

Armadillo’s Pillow

5.0 rating ★★★★★

Many discovered the power of books and literature during the pandemic. One of the finest booksellers in our area is Armadillo’s Pillow, a local bookstore in Rogers Park. 

This distinctive location holds an intellectual vibe, contributing to the hobbies and aesthetics of many teenage bookworms in the area. 

When entering the enclosure, a fascinating number of books are assembled from left and right, greeting you with a welcoming surrounding. Walking further to your left, you’ll notice an arched doorway leading into the second pathway of books with a miniature lounge area enclosed with several works of literary art to bask in. 

On the walls, multiple visual abstracts are held on display, starting with a diverse style of portraits conveying an artistic vibe. While looking up, ornamentals and charms decorate the light fixtures, accessorizing the peculiar environment. 

Lastly, a set of small, carpeted, steps guide you into the next seating area. Similar to the first lounge area, many works and genres of literature are shelved in view, completing the homey and alternative appeal, earning its 5-star rating.

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