Loyola Students Share their Apartment Hunting Stories


By: Stefano Garcia, Loyola Sophomore

 Loyola University Chicago announced their plans for the Fall semester of 2021, which includes having in-person classes. Many students, mainly upperclassmen, are panicking, trying to find a place to stay for the upcoming school year.

 However, the residence halls will have a limited occupancy for a select handful of students.

Similar to the Spring 2020 semester, however, the priority will be primarily freshmen and possibly a select few sophomores. This leaves many without guaranteed housing, scrambling to find a place to live for the upcoming school year.

Upperclassmen will be checking the websites of Zillow or Apartments.com. Looking through these websites, it is clear to see how many options are out there; however, these apartments are first come, first serve basis. So, these places have the chance of getting off the market fast.

Loyola is hopeful vaccinated students could increase the capacity of residence halls, which could help ease minds.

Erin Anderson, a junior at Loyola, said of her apartment search, “The only information that my friends and I got about the place was the information provided and the pictures about the place on the website.”

Many were left with the problem of having limited information to make a decision. Others were left with communication problems of trying to reach the landlord.

Quintin Gray, another Loyola Junior, said, “My friends and I found a place we liked and asked for an application. However, the landlord did not get back to us for several days until he said the place was taken which was very frustrating.”

Loyola Junior, Alex Dimitriou said he faced the problem of an apartment not looking the same way it did in the photos online.  He said, “I went to go check out a place and once what I got in the place, it did not look like the same pictures that it had online.” 

As Loyola students are looking for places, they are all going through their own problems with their hunt.  Despite this, Loyola students are still eager to be back on-campus and to be able to get their college experience back. 

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