Vlogging the Return to In-Person Learning


Video By: Isabella Chamberland, Senn Senior

Words By: Fey Falodun, Senn Sophomore

Monday, April 19 was the day Chicago Public High School students who chose hybrid learning went back to school. 

At Senn High School, first year and sophomores returned on Mondays and Tuesdays while juniors and seniors returned on Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesday is used to sanitize and clean the whole building for the next group of students so everyone including the staff stays home.

The process on the first day was a bit stressful because we had to fill a health screener and provide a screenshot that proves that it was from that day. Students then get a sticker that serves as a ticket into the building.

We had to get new IDs and had to find our new classes. Each class has a hand sanitizer dispenser and wipes. Before entering, you sanitize your hands and wipe your desk. Students have to sit far apart from each other and have masks on at all times. For class, teachers use a projector and you don’t really have to join online unless you want to see your classmates’ chats.

For lunch, everyone has to go in through the back door. Students sanitize their hands, as usual, scan their IDs and receive their lunch. Each lunch period has designated tables with two people per table to avoid transmission. 

When school closes, all students and teachers are to leave the building for it to be sanitized. Overall, it was good and the new protocols are totally reasonable and easy to follow.

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