Bulldog Ale House: Making Craziness Delicious


By: Stefano Garcia, Loyola Sophomore  

Bulldog Ale House
6606 N. Sheridan Chicago, IL

Bulldog Ale House is one of those places where you can get close to eating those bizarre entrées often seen on the Food Network. As a child, watching all the crazy food combinations on TV really blew my eight-year-old mind. Bulldog’s brought this dream to life.

Located on Sheridan Rd., Bulldog’s makes itself very accessible for any student at Loyola University Chicago or anybody to grab a meal. Bulldog’s interior is very nice as they have a great seating selection and the decor makes you feel like you are in a college town. If you are old enough, they have a bar right in the middle of the restaurant. This place has televisions located all over the restaurant where each person, no matter at what table, can see the screen. This provides a perfect opportunity for a group of friends who wants to watch a game and grab a meal at the same time. I know, I have taken advantage of that before. At the same time, if sitting inside does not gather your interest they have a lovely outdoor seating venue.

However, with the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, this restaurant looks a little different than normal. The policies that are intact are for the safety of their customers and their staff. Currently, the dine-in is limited with certain tables being left vacant to enforce social distancing. All staff is required to wear masks. To help not spread contact, they have converted their menus to be online after scanning a QR code on the table. As for online, they do allow online orders for people who do not feel safe eating in person.

Enough of the interior of the restaurant and COVID policies, let’s get down to the real business: the food! Bulldog definitely does not fall short in the category of creativity or options on their menu. Their menu ranges from pizza, burgers, and so much more! This food is completely comfort food. One of my favorite burgers on the menu is the Mac N’ Cheese Burger. This burger comes with a fried ball of Macaroni N’ Cheese right on top of the burger. It also comes with a slice of cheddar cheese and their special sauce they put on. A bite of the fried Macaroni  N’ Cheese ball and cheese will pour out like lava all of your burger. After eating this burger, I felt like I could never eat again because my heart was completely satisfied.

My other favorite menu item is the boneless wings. After eating your meal and if you are not still content, they have a great option on their dessert’s menu. My personal favorite is the Baked Brownie Bottom Pie. The way this is served is the same way it can be seen on TV. The brownie starts off as the fundamental bottom layer. The next layer is then topped with ice cream and then with whipped cream all over it. However, since the brownie is so warm, the chocolate melts right away in the brownie where it has the best gooeyness. This dessert item is not your typical brownie pie that you would order at a restaurant. 

The prices at Bulldog Ale House are very reasonably priced. Where the burgers can range from $10-15. The higher-priced burger may require a bit more material to craft rather than their simple choices that they have. One of the cool things about this place is that they have special deals every day with their menu. On Tuesday, they have all-you-can-eat wings for $15. That deal can definitely draw people in to eat here.

Personally, growing up my favorite type of food has always been American cuisine. Burgers have always been my favorite thing to eat. When I first laid my eyes upon Bulldog’s and ate in it, I knew this place and I were about to become best friends. However, with anything good, there is always a negative to it. During the peak times of this restaurant, the wait can be long sometimes just to get your food or get a table. That is made up by the incredible food that is there. 

All and all, this place is easily a fan favorite for many people who want to catch up with friends or either watch sports and even get a meal after class. Hopefully, after this pandemic Bulldog’s can resume normal function and be able to enjoy their business.

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