WandaVision: A Student Review


By Eiman Shahzad, Sullivan Freshman

(Spoilers Ahead)

Marvel released a new show called “WandaVision,”  starring Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda and Paul Bettany as Vision. This show started out as a normal sit-com, in black and white, leaving many confused on what it may be about. But slowly started to unveil its truth. 

The first episode includes the happy couple starting life in a new town. Wanda is wearing a beautiful white dress while Vision carries her into the house, and then they do a little dance while the theme song plays. There is comedy like any other normal sit-com. Or so the viewers thought. 

As Vision and Wanda are having dinner with Vision’s boss and his wife, something weird occurs. The boss starts to choke while the wife proceeds to say “Stop it” multiple times with a smiling face. This leaves an eerie feeling to the audience, but the main characters go back to normal behavior like nothing ever happened. 

As the plot moves forward, much more is revealed. A lot of events occur that really portray what Wanda was going through. She also went through a tremendous amount of grief and character development. This show really expanded on the character Wanda Maximoff and really portrayed how powerful she is along with her story. 

I interviewed some members of Sullivan High School about the show.

Eiman Shahzad: What did you think of the plot?

Ellen Berkowitz: It was great! There was a perfect amount of twists, a little sadness, adventure, mystery, super powers; I loved it. 

Bryana Arzamendi:  I thought it was really awesome and unique. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I was engaged the whole time and excited for each new episode.

Shahzad: How well do you think the actors did?

Kimberly Valle: I think they did an amazing job at portraying emotions and the cinematography was also very pleasing to see.

Shahzad: What was your favorite thing/ part of the show?

Valle: My favorite part was probably the Halloween episode. There were so many hidden messages in that episode (many others did as well, but the eerie feeling from it also being Halloween played a great role into the episode), and it made it very shocking to watch all the plot twists unravel. I would also include the episode where Agatha makes Wanda relive some of her most vulnerable moments in life as well.

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